Chronic MICROMAX LED Light Bars

Chronic MICROMAX Grow Light Bars utilize industry leading LED technology to create a complete full spectrum light suitable for all stages of plant growth. These lights are the ideal option for seedlings, cuttings and for providing supplemental light giving your plants the additional intensity they require. MICROMAX Grow Light Bars also function perfectly as primary lighting for low to average average light use veggies and ornimentals. The MICROMAX light bars feature a full spectrum output that is required to meet the complex lighting demands of any plant.

Our grow lights target the most important and active lighting spectrum allowing them to use the maximum amount of their power usage towards photosynthesis. Traditional grow lights and white LED lights emit a small percentage of usable light while the rest is wasted and simply converted into unwanted heat in your grow room.

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Quality Built, Waterproof and Efficient

Chronic MICROMAX lights are built using a pure aluminum frame with hardened glass plate designed to protect the high power LED bulbs and lenses from water or damage. Our grow light bars are waterproof, sturdy and designed to last.



The Chronic MICROMAX spectrum has been scientifically designed to target the active light radiation required to produce lush vegetation and can be used for primary or secondary lighting applications across a wide range of herbs, veggies and flowers. Our custom spectrum provides full spectrum light suitable for all stages of plant growth. Our spectrum utilizes multiple bands of top quality LED chips that include all wavelengths required for photosynthesis.

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Model 8" 20" 40"
Chronic MICROMAX 2' 265 105 37
Chronic MICROMAX 3' 277 108 43
Chronic MICROMAX 4' 289 112 51

All readings taken with Sun System PAR meter

Model *Watts
Chronic MICROMAX 2' 30 Watts
Chronic MICROMAX 3' 45 Watts
Chronic MICROMAX 4' 60 Watts

The Chronic MICROMAX power supply works with multiple common voltages (100v-240v) and is designed to run cooler and more efficiently.